Shake Shake Shake

25 Nov

Tell us about the last thing a person or advertisement convinced you to buy.

I haven’t actually bit the bullet and bought it yet, but I’m thisclose to pulling the trigger on Shakeology.  Every morning, I start up my Focus T25 DVD, and get changed while the warnings about not killing yourself while doing the DVD run.  Then I hit play, and watch as doctors promise me that Shakeology is delicious, nutritious and will help me actually lose weight.

Shakeology is  the Beach Body brand of protein shakes, and it is not cheap.  I think its $140 for a one month supply.  I don’t even like protein shakes.  I need to chew m meals to feel full.  And really, I could probably make my own shakes with some fruits, vegetables, and protein powder for far less money.  But I won’t.  I don’t even have a blender, I burned it out trying to grind oatmeal into baby safe consistence when Emilia first started eating real food.

I’m beginning to feel brainwashed by Beach Body, I think the fact I watch the same exact commercial at 5:15am 6 days a week is just seeping into my subconscious and almost forcing me into buying it.  The fact I haven’t lost any weight after 6 weeks of exercising 5-6 days a week is surely playing into the decision.  I’m convinced that if I buy (and drink) Shakeology, I will automatically drop the weight I expected to, immediately.  It doesn’t help that I see real people I know having success with it, so now I can’t just pretend it’s a scam and won’t work.  Damn you, Shaun T!!!!


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