This is the End

30 Nov

You’re almost there! Tell us how you feel about endings.

I’m not a patient person.  I look up run times for movies so I know how ling I need to sit still for.  I watch the ticker on the GPS so I know when we’ll be “there.”  I’m always looking ahead.  But I’m also always looking back.  I’m never in the present enough.

Whoa.  Deep.

Anyways, endings are okay with me.  It means I can move on to the next thing, and look back with fondness or sorrow at whatever just ended.  Some endings are harder than others, but, in most cases, I’m ready for whatever is ending to end.

This is a good example.  I’m ready for NaBloPoMo to end.  I think I did pretty well with it (I made it so close, I literally fell asleep typing this post last night), but its been a committment.  Looking forward, I know I can blog more, and it’s not that big of a deal, I just have to do it.  I feel like writing every day just helped prove to me how important blogging is to me, and how much I do enjoy it, so I have the tools to continue and blog more than I have been.  But I’m happy to not “have” to post every day.

I owe you a post for today, since this is yesterdays.  It will probably be a picture since I’m tired, but I really have enjoyed this month, and I hope anyone still reading has too!


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