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Not So Super Monday

4 Feb

I spent Superbowl Sunday hungover beyond belief, with an awful cold, laying on a cold floor covered in dog hair, and watched the Patriots blow it.  Not just lose the Superbowl to “Manning Lite”, but blow a perfect season.  The guys on the radio commented that it was a shame that the dome wasn’t open because Tom Brady would have had a lovely view of the sky, given all the time he spent on his back.  Bad, bad, ugly, bad. 

And what do I wake up to this morning?  Faux News recapping all of the times NY has beat Boston when it counts (and hurts).  From the Babe to Bucky Fucking Dent and Bill Buckner to Aaron Boone.  This, added to the fact that I lost pool I entered, put me in a fabulous mood on a Monday morning.  Therefore, you get this gripe rather than the lovely Spamalot review I had planned.

As much as it pains me, this is still a good commercial, and I guess can act as closure on the almost perfect season:

Are You Ready for Some Football?

13 Jan

Football is my #2 favorite sport, following baseball, of course.  I have to admit that I don’t get football like I get baseball.  I know how the game is played, I just don’t understand all the rules.  I swear J yells “Pass Interference” after every single yellow flag.  (By the way, I think need one of those flags.  I’m going to throw it at the feet of whoever stands outside my office & stares at me until I get off the phone.)  I still enjoy the game, I just spend a lot of time pretending I know what’s going on and repeating what other people said, like: “Wow, did you see that?  That was clearly holding.”  to which I reply, “Oh yeah, big time holding!”

Of course, I’m a Patriots fan.  I’m a big believer in rooting for the team from where you’re from.  So, like my love/love relationship with the Sox, I was born a Pats fan.  Before Gillette Stadium became the mecca it is today, the Pats pre-season was down the street from my house, at Bryant University.  My grandfather took my brother & I there to get autographs of all the players, which I promptly stuck in my coffee can time capsule and buried in the backyard somewhere. 

Like I said, I’m all about team loyalty, even if your team doesn’t just happen to have an undefeated season, a ticket to the AFC Championship Game next week, a record breaking offense, and a damn fine looking quarterback.  Speaking of, based on hotness and hotness only, TB QB is not #1 on my hot QB list.  Instead, it goes like this:

1. Drew Brees


2. TB QB (the butt chin lost him a few points)


3. Philip Rivers


4.  Tony Romo


5. Peyton Manning


I’m in my glory over the fact that #2 & #3 will be on the same field, just miles from my home, next weekend.  Maybe they’ll get in a cat fight and start ripping off each others clothes.  Do men do things like that?

Wait, I was talking about football.  Loyalty is great, even if your team went 1-15 and you happen to live in New England and are too jealous to even give a little cheer for the Patriots (coughJodicough).  I can respect that.  If the Sox played a piss poor season and I lived in NY, I wouldn’t root for the Yankees.  Ever. 

I’m very excited that the Chargers are playing the Patriots next week, although I would love to be back in that bar in San Diego when the Pats go 18-0.  And I’m excited for the halftime show in the Superbowl.   Maybe we’ll see Tom Petty’s nipple.

To prove I’m a happy, well adjusted fan, I’ll be kind and not automatically delete any “Spygate” or cheater comments that will inevitably appear.