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13 Mar

The CW Fast Tracks 90210 Spinoff

March 13, 2008

Would people watch TriBeCa, 10013? They love Gossip Girl, don’t they!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the CW is fast-tracking development of a spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210, everyone’s favorite ’90s high-drama soap opera.

The Aaron Spelling-produced hit, which starred Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, daughter Tori Spelling, Shannen Doherty, Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green, Gabrielle Carteris and Ian Ziering, enjoyed a heyday on FOX from 1990 to 2000, following the lives of privileged teens.

Darren Star, creator of 90210 and its original spinoff, Melrose Place, is reportedly not involved with the new venture.

Currently, few details about the new show are known. There’s no word on which coast it would really be set on, though Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas is in talks to write the project.

Tell us: Would you watch a new 90210 spinoff?

(Only if we could go back to the original cast & the Brenda years.  The years she was with Dylan and giving blood on Valentine’s Day instead of trying to marry stupid Stewart in Vegas.  When Andrea loved Brandon and Donna was still a virgin.  A girl can dream, can’t she?)

Newsflash: I’m Normal!

17 Jan

I’m a bit of an American Idol junkie.  It started when J & I first started dating and watched the finale of the first season at his house.  Yes, I cried when Kelly Clarkson sang “A Moment Like This.”  Not just that night, but every time I heard it for the next week.  And I thought it would be my wedding song, but that just didn’t fly with J.  Something about being bad music and uber-cheesy.  Whatever.

Anyway, since then, I just started watching for the bad auditions, and then got totally sucked in to the entire season.  So much so that I organized a work pool last year, complete with a color coded spreadsheet (I know this will make Jane proud!)  There was some controversy last year when I was the co-winner of the pool, so I am refusing to organize the pool this year and am withholding the spreadsheet from my ungrateful coworkers <hair flip>.

So, Idol is back, and, frankly, its the only thing on television until Lost comes back at the end of the month.   If I watch another episode of John and Kate Plus Eight I may never have sex again.  And, while The Biggest Loser can be inspiring, its counter-effective to watch it on my couch with my head in a bag of Cheetos.

The next few weeks of Idol will be full of bad performers whose families clearly don’t love them enough to tell them they suck.  Seriously.  Why doesn’t anyone stop these people?  I’m not claiming I can sing, at all.  Crap, I can barely play a guitar that has color coded buttons.  Buy you don’t see me spewing Celine Dion on national television.  J barely lets me get through a song in the shower without howling like a wounded puppy. 

This week Idol showcased some of its finest idiots.  Like the nineteen year old who hasn’t kissed a girl yet and is waiting for his wedding day.  Uh, yeah, kid, that will happen.  Or the woman with the massive amount of sparkles on her face who freaked out because Simon didn’t like the way she screamed sang.  And the many people who had to be hauled off stage for refusing to get off, or threatening to break into Paula’s house.  It was also full of the sob stories I’ve come to love when the singer is good, and make fun of when the singer is bad.  There was a woman on last night who lost half her face and the sight in one eye in an accident.  Which, while sad, promted the evil Julie in me to comment to J that the lack of vision at least explained how she picked out the outfit she chose to wear. 

I think Fox will be overloaded with freaks next week, when their new show The Moment of Truth premieres.  I can hardly wait.  I feel so normal and sane by the time I go to bed at night, that I almost forget about writing down what the senior I had a crush on as a freshman wore every day.  Almost.

This Blog is Brought to You by the Letter P and the Number 19

1 Nov

Tuesday, for the first time since I last watched Sesame Street, I watched a show on PBS. And I liked it!

For those of you who know what I do for a living, it might come as a surprise to you that I never watch public television or listen to public radio. Its not that I don’t believe PBS offers fine, educational and uplifting programs, I’m just usually not personally interested in them. And I don’t really feel badly about it. PBS seems to aim its programming at the under 5 or over 50 crowd, neither of which I fall into. I learn enough about the shows by proofing letter after letter asking you for money to support them to know that I won’t really like them. If they start airing something like “Heck’s Kitchen with Executive Chef Oscar the Grouch,” I’ll be sure to tune in!

The show I watched tonight was NOVA. They did an episode on 12 non-runners who ran the Boston Marathon. It not only showed the runner’s progress throughout the 40 (!) weeks of training they went through, but it also discussed the physical and physiological aspects of running and how it affects the body. It was actually interesting, and I really enjoyed the show for even more value than just looking for myself in the crowd of runners. The end was heartwarming as well, watching these people cross the wet finish line with such an amazing sense of satisfaction on their faces. Its a nice reminder that the human body can do amazing things. Could someone remind my body of that fact when it wants to accomplish the un-amazing feat of eating candy on the couch all night?

So, that was my first PBS show in over twenty years. I’d watch more, but when the hell am I supposed to go to the bathroom if there are no commercials? Could you all please donate some cash to your local PBS station so they can afford to buy some ads? Thanks!