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6 Feb

I joined a gym.  I’m afraid to take a class.  I’m more afraid I’ll run someone down in the parking lot while trying to find a spot.

I think it should be a law that Usher always be shirtless, preferably while flexing his abs.

My driveway is like an ice luge.  I had to ring the doorbell and have J help me get out the other day.  I hit an average of 4 snowbanks each time I attempt to back in.

I’m getting pretty good at Just Dance 2.  But I get wii arm.

J refuses to use my new MacBook.  He keeps insisting “I’m a PC!”

I spent my Saturday night running errands, eating popcorn and watching MTV.  I need a life.

The Kings Speech was fantastic, made me want to marry Colin Firth, watch Love Actually again, and become British royalty even more.

We’re taking a family vacation to Vegas in May.  I’m not sure we’ll be speaking by then, let alone by the time we come home.


14 Dec

It’s snowing.  It’s New England.  It’s December.  Shocker.

Yes, I know, this coming from the grown adult who is afraid to drive in the snow.   But really.  8-12 inches is not the worst we’ve seen.  The weathermen were surprisingly accurate on the timing and intensity.  But, still, mass chaos ensued.

The entire New England area left work between 1-2 pm.  And then proceeded to drive approximately 3mph.   On the highway.  Except for the times they slid down hills or off the highway.  Or stopped in the middle of the highway to clear off their windshields.  Kids in Boston and Providence were stuck on buses for six hours.  Can you imagine the poor bus drivers?  I wonder how many times they heard “I have to pee!”  or “Are we there yet?”  Did I mention they were elementary school students?  This is fairly close to my worst nightmare (first being the aforementioned being mauled by a dolphin at Sea World). 

There were no plows out because they had nowhere to go.  They were stuck in traffic too.  Luckily, there was no open space on the highway for the snow to go — it all went on top of the cars parked there. 

It’s going to snow again on Sunday.  The day I’m supposed to run a 5K.  Yay.

Welcome to winter! 



8 Oct

It seems as though fall has finally come to New England. Thank Jimmy.

I really like the change of seasons. I can’t imagine living somewhere where the weather is the same every day. Like “LA Story” where Steve Martin was a weatherman in LA. He wanted to take a vacation, but had no one to cover for him, so he pre-recorded himself saying it would be 75 and sunny. Of course, the week he was on vacation, LA was hit with crazy rain storms and low temperatures.

I can find something I like in all the seasons. I love the first snowfall of winter, cute hats and snuggling up with hot cocoa. I love that first warm day of spring, when wearing short sleeves without a jacket in the morning totally makes your day. I love sitting in the beach in the summer, or jacking up the A/C on really hot days to watch movies & grill hot dogs.

But I think fall is the best season. You’ve still got warm days, and no snow. The warm days are just (usually) not unbearably hot. The cool days don’t cause your teeth to chatter, but do allow you to whip out the cute new sweaters you bought with your birthday money. Apples taste great, apple pies taste even better. Pumpkins are waiting to be carved, and Halloween candy is waiting to be eaten.

And, of course, baseball playoffs. The Sox have made it to the ALCS, and we’re waiting to see if we have the Yankees or the Indians as an opponent. If it is the Yankees, they will be without the Rocket. Which I think is a good thing for the Yankees.

So, how did I celebrate the first day it feels like fall after a hot, humid week? By waking up and running a 10K in the rain. It was good running weather, just a bit wet, and I was rewarded for my efforts with a free Pumpkin Spice Latte from Fourbucks. Ah, fall.