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Three Things Thursday

10 Feb

1 – blue cheese fries

2 – my new gym

3 – Pandora

Three Things Thursday

3 Feb

1 – J’s promotion…

2 – …and his new 25 minute commute…

3 – …and his new haircut!


I’m super proud of him – he’s worked hard & deserves this so much!  The haircut was an added bonus 🙂



Three Things Thursday!

27 Jan

Technically, since I missed last week, I should give you six, but I don’t have it in me

1 – Snow shoveling is good exercise.  Since it’s the only exercise I get lately, I’ll take it.

2 – Teen Mom 2

3 – Flannel polar bear pajama pants

Three Things Thursday!

13 Jan

1 – J has the whole weekend off!

2 – Our new Keurig

3 – Not getting sat on a jury today (more on that later!)

Three Things Thursday

6 Jan

All book related!

1 – The Hunger Games – I can’t put it down

2 – I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell – hilarious and so, so wrong.

3 – Dangerous Fortune – Ken Follett is my new hero.

Three Things Thursday!

30 Dec

1. The fabulous Portuguese cookies my neighbor brought over.  I may move to Portugal so I can eat them every day.

2. J getting up at 7am on his day off to start my car & turn it around in the driveway.

3. Taco bar day at the caf.

Three Things Thursday Times Two

21 May

Yes, it’s Friday. Yes, I missed last week. But look at my lovely alliteration in the title!

1 – $6 bar bites
2 – awesome seats on an awesome night at the Sox
3 – the smell of fresh Rosemary
4 – homemade guacamole
5 – NPH on Glee
6 – eating lunch outside