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Jamaica, Mon

16 May

J seems to think we need to take a vacation every year (he doesn’t do the budget, silly boy).  Last year, we took a mortgage instead of a vacation, so this year he was seriously itching to get away.  Between the long, nasty winter and the stress of a new-ish job and a new house, I was totally on board. 

We wanted to go somewhere we had never been before, and honestly, Jamaica was not top of my list.  But, we wanted to keep it cheap, Mexico had too many drug wars and pig flus, and J really wanted to go to Jamaica.  We found a really good deal on an All Inclusive (Couples Swept Away), got the time off from work, and off we went.

Overall, we had a really great time.  I think J & I are at our best on vacation.  We always get along, and have a ton of fun.  The beach was awesome, the weather was perfect, the food was great, and the drinks were free!  On the downside, the Jamaicans could get pushy, the bathroom in our room was gross, and I came home with a million bug bites, most of which I think came from our room.  However, the good outweighed the bad, and we had a nice, relaxing week away from reality. 





Hello? Is This Thing On?

15 May

I know, I know.  I dropped off the face of the blogosphere for awhile.  I wish I had some fabulous reason for you, but I don’t.  Its because I’m too lazy to think of things to write about.  Its a struggle when you lead a life as boring as mine.  But, I’ve had two people wonder where I’ve been, and that’s enough of a self esteem boost for me to come back!  I even have some ideas stacked up for you, and I’m going to write them down before I forget.  

By way of a quick recap of my fascinating life, and promises of witty posts to come, I give you my favorite lazy-girl blogpost: A list!  With bullets!

  • My tulips came up.  Yay!  They looked great for a few days, and I swore I’d take pictures of them.  Then they died. 
  • I discovered there is nothing better than working from home in my PJ’s with a pot of coffee by my side.
  • I still hate people on the train.
  • J & I Went to Jamaica and had a fantastic, relaxing time. 
  • Lost is fantastic and makes my head hurt.
  • I think the best part of summer is summer beers.  Preferably imbibed outside, in plastic cups.
  • Really, Facebook is not the place to discuss your dog’s bodily functions.  Still.
  • I don’t think I have grass.  I think I just have weeds.  But they’re green, so I’m happy.
  • My car…well, that’s a long story, with a sad ending in her near future.  Lets just say she can make it to the train and back, and that’s all I can ask  of her. 
  • Speaking of sad endings, the poor Bruins.  <sniffle>

Well, I think that’s enough fascinating material to keep you entertained for another two months!  Seriously, as soon as I post this I am downloading an app for my Touch to be able to e-mail/cut & paste the text I put on it when I’m not online.  There must be an app for that.