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Share vs. Over-share: Facebook Style

18 Mar

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Facebook, but sometimes its really way too much information.  People seem to forget that everyone they know can see their status.  That means everyone, people!  Remember who you have on your friend list before you post this stuff!  Below are some of my favorite examples of status updates in the share and over-share categories.  Some are real, from my friends.  You know who you are…


Share: I’m pregnant!

Over-share: I’m pregnant, and, guess what?  Joe Smith, you’re the baby daddy!



Share: I’m feeling under the weather today.

Over-share: I just violently threw up last night’s sushi in my lunch bag.



Share: Here’s a picture of my new baby!

Over-share: Here’s a picture of my baby’s first poop!



Share: I’m excited for my husband to come home from his business trip.

Over-share: I won’t be leaving the bedroom for a long time this weekend.



Share: I think my dog is great!

Over-share: Its so funny when my dog licks himself!

Share: I had a rough day.

Over-share: I’m having a rough day because I think I have a UTI.



Share: I love Selena!

Over-share: Every time I see Selena I cry for hours. 



Share: I’m sad.

Over-share: I’m sad because my BFF just told me he has the AIDS…what up Marky?!?!  Love you, man!!!



Share: Being pregnant is tough.

Over-share: Being pregnant sucks and I can’t wait for this alien to get out of my body and take the hemorrhoids with him!

Spring has Sprung!

14 Mar

Remember when I told you about mt lack of gardening skillz, and the fact I thought I planted my tulip bulbs upside down (here)?  Guess what I saw when I returned from the market today?  Plants!  Look:


That nasty looking dead thing in the back is a cactus J had to have.  He named him Cactus Jack, and now he’s dead (shocker).  But, see the sprouts of green coming up?  Here’s a close up of one:



Granted, I planted dozens of bulbs and can only find evidence of about five plants, which the deer will most likely eat, but I’m happy to announce that I am not a complete failure at gardening.  So now I’m going to plan my veggie garden and be happy if I grow one tomato.  I like to reach for the sky.

Welcoming J to his Thirties

5 Mar

To celebrate J’s big Dirty Thirty, we had a weekend of celebrating.  Saturday we went to  Chinese dinner with friends ($500 worth of cat puke, Pu-Pu, and Scorpion Bowls), and partied at our place afterward.  Well, J blew out his candles, played half a game of LCR, got sick and went to bed.  I partied with our friends, losing at LCR and rocking out with Rock Band.  Sunday was hangover bagels and coffee, followed by a family party, and dinner out on Monday night.  A good time was had by all.

A few highlights:

Before things got ugly


Barrack makes it a good dirty thirty…and LCR…and Car Bomb Cupcakes…and Pizza Strips


Before J went down for the count